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hi everyone

im sick of my family telling me that i should do this and that .i try telling them i can not do it aneymore and it seems they dow;t understand me.i feel tierd all the time.when my mother.shes 83 years old. she wonts me to do everything .she wonts me with her all the time but when i say no i can not do wot she wonts me to do. she takes the funnys with me . iv tryed telling her but she downt understand. yes i do look after my house and my garden all my self.and she come to see me then she says well you can do this and that for yourself . but she lives 3 miles away from me and i have a scooter. but its so cold on it at the mowment i downt like going to far on it and she wont be told .i do have 3 brothers but they work , i have one brother he got arthritise all over and he gos takes her shopping,and wot ever but im the only girl.so she wonts me with her all the wail or as i say she takes the funneys with me wot can i do she gets me down so much i hide from her sometimes. and i no its wrong.iv stop going out with my friends. a long wail ago. so now iv lost them. i have a lovey family myself and a lovey husbend but the husbend has gon away from me we are not close no more. he says he likes it that way. i feel lost wot am i doing wrong