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I’m back

Doubt anyone remembers me but I’ve posted on here since 2016. Long story short but got CIS diagnosis in January 2017 and started on Rebif until December. Taken off due to low wbc meaning I couldn’t have elective surgery. Plan then was for 6 monthly mri/appointments and close monitoring. My case has been now discussed twice at a local MDT meeting. I thought my scans had been stable so wasn’t expecting much in the latest letter. However, I’ve come home to a letter saying they’ve noted a subtle change in my cervical spine so I now meet the criteria for relapsing remitting ms. Although I’d been expecting this at some point, I’m a bit floored by the letter. My neurologist is planning to see me but I don’t yet have an appointment. I’m unsure if I’ll be offered any treatment as don’t think I’m classed as active ms but can’t have interferons due to previous history. I’m not sure why I’ve posted but think I’ll need to access everyone’s support again please. My symptoms are mainly altered sensation arms/legs at night and sometimes during the day. I’m unsure what I’m meant to report as not sure what’s usual for me now anyway. Sorry to ramble ☹️