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Non-progressive/benign(?) MS

Hello all. I was originally diagnosed with MS in 2002. Optical neuritis was my main symptom - in the following years I had a few unexplained falls, just walking one moment and dropping on the pavement the other, developed depression, hypothyroidism (connected? I don't know) and fatigue. My last check was 2 years ago, and was given this Non-Progressive diagnosis (apparently I only have a SMALL black spot on my spine....'but do come back if anything changes'.... I'm feeling quite abandoned, to be honest. I am always tired, feeling sick tired, I need to parse my energies very carefully, I have diffuse ache in my back and lower body, my legs are pained/or stiff...some brain frog and random dyslexia (which, yes, I note, because I am a writer and I am used to use my brain and linguistic skills..) It's like, because my symptoms are not dramatic enough - and I try to hold myself together and deal with it, then I can be ignored. :( Any advice/ideas/comments?