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Poll: What was your main consideration when choosing an MS treatment?

Hey peeps šŸ‘‹ Billy from Shift.ms here. I wanted to get your thoughts and opinions as we've had lots of new members join us recently. I feel like I got quite lucky with picking my MS treatment. My neurologist in London recommended three DMTs to me (Ocrevus, Tysabri, Tecfidera) and patiently explained the ins and outs of each of them. He gave me time to consider my lifestyle and explained the risks/effectiveness of each one. I chose Ocrevus because a single infusion every 6 months felt like the least disruption to my life and is one of the higher efficacy DMTs. Let us know in the poll and in the comments how you made your decision šŸ‘‡ P.S. If you're new to the world of MS then it can take a while for the medical language to sink in so: ā€¢ Administration method = how you take the treatment. Pill, injection or infusion. ā€¢ Efficacy = how strong the treatment is in prevent relapses ā€¢ Potential side effects = things like infections, itching, headaches etc. ā€¢ HCP recommendation = what your neurologist felt was best for you. ā€¢ Frequency = how often you have to take the treatment. Ooh and DMTs = Disease modifying therapies šŸ‘

What was your main consideration when choosing your MS treatment?

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Definitely administration method/frequency. HCP originally gave me 3 recommendations: Tecfidera, Fingolimod (Gilenya) and Teriflunomide (Aubagio) but the choice was mine. In advance of starting, I didn't know the efficacy or potential side effects. Turns out, it's been very good for me.


Gilenya has been easier for me but I miss the social contacts and support from being on tysabri.