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Options about treatments

I was never given like an option on ocrevus or told about any other treatment that helps to stop relapses. my neurologist just kinda went "yea im gettin you started on ocrevus" and is gonna do an MRI after my next ocrevus infusion but ive heard and read about kesimpta and idk i think i would feel more better about not having relapses (my neurologist thinks my ms is agressive) had i gone on kesimpta but idk

Just because you are young doesn’t mean a doctor should skip over the education part of laying out your options. My doctor does this at each visit and tells me about the new meds and how they work. He usually gives me car analogies to rate the meds at how strong they are. But he also tells me in basic terms how each medication works and helps me choose which path to take. And we’ve made some changes over the years. As far as stopping relapses, I was of the impression that Ocrevus similarly is designed to slow/stop relapses. I currently take Tysabri—once per month infusion. People here are always happy to chat if you need to reach out. Glad that you are not stubborn about receiving treatment, but sorry that you have this condition!