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hi new here and uh i have optic neuritis in both eyes

so what happened is in august i was complaining of the lights being too bright,parents took me to hospital, they did a CT scan and couldnt find the problem and then made me an inpatient, did an MRI and were like ah yup inflammation in her brain and transferred me to a diff hospital (atp bright lights had taken over everything) i also had cognitive problems cause inflammation there but got over those ages ago ive had 2 lumbar punctures and a plasma exchange (got rid of the bright lights was basically blind) but yea, ended up staying in hospital for 2 months before they changed my diagnosis from ADEM to MS...2 days after i went home had another attack where the left side of my body went numb thats basically back to nornal just on anti-spasm meds cause i was gettin them every 3 mins day nd night-anyways- im 3 months into my recovery and have already got alot of my eyesight back and i know it can take like 6-9 months but improvement has been so slow recently and im really worried my eyesight has stopped improving im 17 (16 when it happened) and i really want the chance to drive and see my family normally again but i dont know if i will-i really hope i do. both eyes are like the exact same plus i have these flashes or floaters or whatever you call them like constantly-will those go away? my neurologist also keeps saying my eyesight will go back to normal-is he just trying to keep my mood uplifted?

You have been through a lot for such a young patient. I am not too familiar with the range of symptoms MS can trigger with eyesight. You must be quite frustrated with a slow pace of eyesight recovery. But thank God it is coming back to you. Sometimes I worry that my doctor is being vague in order not to upset me. But then I will ask him to be as honest as possible in his evaluation. One thing that has been more reassuring to me lately is that my doctor will pull up various shots from my MRIs and he will discuss what he sees and compare them over time. At least there I feel like he is putting it out there and letting me ask questions based on what we see. You need to drive, but just focus on being a 17 year old…which is hard in many ways, but also a terrific age. Don’t let MS take your joy. Will pray that God gives you all you need to be a strong, smart, kind and terrific 17 year old who’s personality and intelligence cannot be diminished by MS, no matter what!


I did lumbar punctures as a baby I got a fever for no reason over 40 still accures every several years Got diagnosed same year as you was in final exam got optic neuritis In one eye it will be back dw Might take months or years Then I got damage in my both cornea a year after but must get so bad to change them I changed them the last 4 years got glaucoma same eye as optic neuritis this year after nearly 18 years but I can still see with it so dw ✌🏻 cross ur eyebrow when u look be touch you can beat it