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Living in limbo

Hey, I'm new here and just wanted to vent and get some advice. My journey started May 1st 2016 after a very long hot day out in the sun at my eldests first footie tournament. The next day my hands and feet were tingling and everything was spinning so I put it down to too much sun and prescribed myself plenty of fluids and rest. After a week the tingling was getting worse as was the vertigo and my right foot dropped so I went to my gp who referred me to neurology. To make a very VERY long story short since then I've been getting progressively worse with a huge variety of symptoms with just a few being double vision, heat intolerance, muscle weakness and spasms, bladder and bowel issues, weird internal buzzing sensations in the most weird and wonderful places etc. I also have a bilateral babinski reflex. I've been bounced around from neurologist to neurologist with one telling me that there was nothing neurologically wrong with me but then proceeded to prescribe me pregabalin! My current neuro is about as much use as a chocolate teapot! I'm still waiting to find out what the issue is but I have an aunt with MS and several friends who also suffer with it. One of which said watching me was like looking in a mirror. Two weeks ago my right leg decided to throw the most horrific spasms and give out from beneath me and I was unable to stand or walk for 4 days. A&E said there was nothing they could do for me and sent me home after 24 hours. I'm at my wits end and am fed up of being brushed off by the hospital when this is seriously affecting my everyday life to the extent that most days I'm lucky if I can make it down the stairs! Has anyone else been in this position and if so what did you do?

So sorry youre going through this :(. Really horrible.


Hello. Would it be possible for you to switch neuro? Or at least seek a second opinion? Whether this is MS or not, you don't deserve to be in such pain.