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Question about Lhermitte's sign

So, over the course of the past 10 years, I've experienced something that no one has been able to understand, but with my recent research on MS and it's symptoms, I've come to believe this is Lhermitte's sign, but I wanted to ask some people that have experienced this to check if this is the same thing. So I'll explain the first occurrence, as it is one of the better examples of how this happened. I was driving my car, delivering pizzas for a local pizza place, and I wanted to switch the CD I was listening to. My CD wallet was on the passenger seat, and when I turned my head to look at the CDs (tilted my head forward and to the right slightly) I got this crazy feeling I could only describe at the time as a shock that spread from my neck, just below my ear, down to about half-way down my back. Another way I've come to describe that sensation is that it's like someone took that set of muscles and just snapped them like a kid with an elastic. It only lasted for about a second then it was gone, but it still scared the hell out of me, making me pull over and regain my nerves. Since then, I've experienced this maybe 15-20 times, all when doing the same neck movements. So my question to you is, what does Lhermitte's sign feel like to you, and does it occur every time you move your head forward, or is it a random chance type of thing? Thanks in advance for the replies guys/girls =D You guys have been great so far, and very welcoming into your community, even though I am still waiting on a diagnosis (and a reliable doctor that is remotely interested in my condition)

That is what is considered a "classic" MS symptom. I get the same sensation in my right leg lately. Lhermitte's is from bending the neck and can shoot into the limbs, but I feel like I get tazered in the leg sometimes when I take a step. Crazy feeling, only lasts for a second, and happens to me usually a few times a day.


Strange... I've mentioned this to both my family physician and a neurologist at a recent visit and they didn't even blink an eye. Both of them came to a 5 minute diagnosis of "Stress and anxiety/depression" despite me telling them that I live a pretty stress-free life.