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A Rant

Ok, I'm relatively new here and have been diagnosed officially now for about 4 weeks. I'm trying desperately hard to remain positive about things and I think so far, I've managed to achieve a healthy outlook on the whole process and my possible future. BUT...and here's my first 'pet peeve' now I'm officially an MSer. When I say that I'm exhausted, but I continue to drag myself around the house...doing dishes, tidying or seeing to my daughter, it's because I HAVE to. Despite the fact that I feel that any moment I could just lie on the floor and stay there. I feel as though my wobbly legs will just finally have enough and give it up as a bad job at any moment. And then someone will say to me "Yeah, I'm tired as well." Is it just me? I'm not saying that I feel worse than anyone else. And I'm not saying that my symptoms are worse than anyone else. But why do we, as human beings, (And I guess I can put myself in this category sometimes as well) when someone tells us they're feeling down, or tired or ill...we always have to go one better and say "Yeah, me too...I'm exhausted!" Grrrrr - Sometimes I just want to moan, and get a bit of sympathy. Is that terrible?! Or self indulgent? I can't be positive ALL the time. That in itself is exhausting! Sorry, rant over peeps! :p