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Latest MRI Scans

I've just received a letter from my Neurologist following my most recent Brain and C Spine MRI. Radiologists have raised the possibility of one " tiny" new lesion in the left frontal lobe. My Neurologist has had a look at my scans and he isn't convinced. He is going to raise this in the next Radiology Multidisciplinary Team meeting for a second opinion. My first ever scan found multiple lesions in my brain and c spine with demylination but I only meet the Mcdonald criteria for dissemination in space but not in time. I have been told it can't be anything other than MS by my Neurologist but my diagnosis after 3 years at the moment is " probable MS ". Assuming they agree this is a new lesion I take it I would have my diagnosis officially confirmed ? I've also had an MRI of my lumber spine due to lower back and leg pain and they have found central canal and lateral recess stenosis and an urgent referral has been sent to the spinal team. I reported numbness in my left hand fingers and arm to him in addition to existing pins and needles and been advised by him to seek urgent medical opinion should I develop further problems with weakness in my legs or bladder/bowel. I'm assuming that means go to A&E. If they decide it isn't a new lesion where do I go from here ? Another wait and see situation I suppose and meanwhile the damage has been done.

Hi @mutley64 I have the same numbness in my right arm with pins and needles radiating to my thumb and little finger. I have a constant ache across my right shoulder like carrying a really heavy shoulder bag and have limited movement in my neck before getting electric shock pains shooting down my arm. I'm putting this pain down to my stenosis in my Cervical C4 & C5. I'm now on the waiting list for the operation to sort it out, around 10 months.


@Shakesby so sorry to hear that you're suffering. My stenosis is lumber L4/5 so not sure if my numb hand fingers and arm is due to MS or the Stenosis. I'm waiting on a second opinion regarding my " tiny" possible new lesion. A double whammy for us both as it's very difficult to know which problems are causing our symptoms ! I'm really glad though the MRI scan on my brain and c spine was done before the lumber MRI as I think they would have put everything down to Stenosis when it clearly isn't. I was dismissed as having anxiety and depression! Good job I wasn't fobbed off and luckily for me I had private health insurance through work and arranged an MRI that my GP had refused to arrange on NHS. Low and behold multiple lesions found in my brain and two in my c spine . I've been referred again to urgently see a Spinal consultant hopefully it's less than the 80 wk referral I was told about last year. Onwards and upwards and don't let the buggers drive you down !