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Morning all I've been prescribed Amitriptyline for neuropathic pain in feet and hands which seems to be getting worse and I'm getting on a daily basis. Having read about possible side effects I am really reluctant to start taking this. Chronic fatigue is my most difficult symptom together with pain in feet and hands and problems with my memory. This medication can I understand be sedating and I've read linked to dementia. I unfortunately discovered on my medical records that gp has noted Dementia ES Screening as I've been told PWMS are statistically more at risk of this before the rest of the population. I just wanted to hear people's experiences on this medication please ? Cheers

I have been on them for around 6 years the only side effect i have had is it makes me feel tired. The doctor keeps trying to up my dose for the pain to 50mg a day but I keep it to 10 or 20mg as I dont think I'll function the next day


I took it off and on for 16 yeas and never noticed any issues. When you first start it, the exhaustion is unbearable for about 6 weeks, but after that it helped with both the pain and my chronic insomnia. I think I would have been a lot worse during those years without it.