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tec and exercise

Morning all, I've been med free for 15+ years since diagnosis but a couple of recent relapses (including my first learning to walk again episode) have put me on a treatment plan. I'm due to start taking tecfidera soon and wondered how it may affect my exercising? I currently cycle on a static trainer every other day doing HiiT workouts, has anyone seen Tec. affect their exercise routines? I've only recently started exercising again after the last relapse, i'll be pissed if Tec is going to affect that! Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

@mscyclist I've been using tecfidera for 2 years now. I haven't found it stops me from exercising. But when you first start taking it it may cause you to run to the loo, which can be a little inconvenient...


thanks @highlander, that's good to know (except the running bit! i'll watch out for that!)