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Stem cell spms

Hi all Me agaim . 4am i woke up and my thoughts sre on .... stem cells I am upset, yes. Upset by doctors still focusing on newly diagnosed patients only , they say or excuse themselves saying they can not measure improvement in walking on us spms because we no longer walk . That is such rubbish excuse. When you have spms and Every Day you are getting worse and loosing things you could do earlier OF COURSE we have sth to measure . If you give us a treatment we can INMEDIATELY see if this beast stops and it won't take long. I look back and l have lost so much in only 2 years....so much....I cannot stop thinking if last year when i went to Sheffield had i been into that b.... trial my live could have been better......,sorry for the rant but i find the whole thing upsetting.... Tyred of living in "hope" all the time Xx