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Mixed emotions at MRI results

Edited to add - this is quite an old post being brought back up, but I’ve since completed Mavenclad, and was happy with that option :) Hi everyone. Haven't posted much lately but I felt inclined to share today. So, I hadn't had a brain MRI in 2.5 years, and they finally set me for one last month. I don't see the dr until February so I asked my chiropractor (who also does neuro rehab etc) to get the results for me. We went over them today and I found out that some of my existing lesions have gotten a little bit smaller, but I also have two brand new ones. So I'm glad to hear about the smaller ones, not so glad about the new ones. Also frustrated that I won't get to see my neurologist until February to go over these results. Last time I saw him I inquired about lemtrada which he said I'm not a candidate for, and that perhaps in the future if things progress I will be. Now I'm not sure if these two new ones will be enough for him to consider it or not, but I'm hoping so. Even though I'm also a bit scared of the process of having it! Just yet another MS rollercoaster over here, though got sharing with my fellow MSers might help me wrap my head around it all a bit better :)