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Limbo land and scared

Hi guys My name is Maura up until April I was very fit active 37yr old working long hours in a very physical job.In April I started getting abnormal sensations in my right foot Foot mainly felt numb and heavy by end of May both feet were like that all the time.I presented to A&e twice but as I could move my feet ok and walk they weren't interested. A week or so later my hands were tingling followed by burning can't do any amount of physical activity or the burning gets worseRight hand sometimes get weak.Gp referred me to a Neuro who seems very relaxed due to get Mri in two days time then will take over a week for her to review it. Went to wash my hair over sink a few weeks ago and got an electric shock in back of head and down arms. Today my right eye is sore but no blurred vision yet.Had to pay alot of Money up front for scans on Tuesday and if I get unwell before then they won't refund me. I strongly feel this is MS wondering if anyone had similar first symptoms and What do you guys consider an emergency????I am in Ireland and you won't get help in an A&e unless your in a pretty bad way it doesn't help if you look well. How fast do MS symptoms progress?I am pretty scared.thanks so much.