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Recreational drugs use

Ok this is probably a bad idea to post as people will judge but it is called fun drugs so it must be on others people's minds too so here it goes anyway. I used to be the biggest party animal ever from my teens trough my twenties. I'm Dutch and all thing that are party feeling enhancing are readily available there if you get my drift. In My thirties a 'planned' baby came (she is now 9), I got /felt ill and diagnosed soon after and my life changed ( I was happy with that to a certain degree as partying till the crack of dawn gets pretty superficial and boring ) I'm am very lucky I do not, at all, have an addictive nature I don't smoke sigarets , I havent had a spliff in donkey years and I hardly ever drink, I literally am verging on being a tea total. Drink has never been my poison it really doesn't agree with me and I hate the taste. I don't go out out often as i just don't have the energy to stay up till past 9.30 most days and it just doesn't make me happy to have to deal with the 'lack of spoons' in the week to follow. However......there are some rare occasion (my birthday,my hubbies birthday, my two best friends birthdays,new year,xmas)I do feel its worth having a good old knees up where I might have a drink and more importantly might partake in other substance abuse..... mostly à sneaky line of cocaïne and although this is very very rare these day maybe some E or mdma. I'm now in the process of going for the lemtrada treatment which will be hard enough of the system without any other abuse but I was just wondering if there is anybody out there having personal experience with using fun drugs and lemtrada. Cause even throug it is really very sporadic I would miss never ever being naughty with my naughty friends ever again. I'm a nice person and responsible 99% of the time so please don't judge or label me. My oh says to just be honest with the Neuro and ask but I don't feel I can. Hoping there is someone on here who'd understand

I admire your honesty, @Lottie . We don't judge - something about living in glasshouses and throwing stones! :wink: However, I would be honest with your Neuro too. Lemtrada doesn't stay in your body for long, but your immune system does have to rebuild itself. So, discuss the inherent risks and whether there is a timeline that you should follow. I did find this warning regarding Lemtrada :- "You should tell your doctor about all prescription, non-prescription, illegal, recreational, herbal, nutritional, or dietary drugs you're taking while receiving Lemtrada, especially..............."


Good morning to you @lottie I second what the Guv @stumbler says. No judging. If we were all the same life would be terribly boring, lol. I havnt really got an opinion here bcoz I don't know enough about lemtrada. But you clearly have plenty common sense, meaning, if they told you to stop it for the sake of getting on what appears the best Dmd to date then you will stop. Just tell your Neuro bcoz he/she will have heard this plenty times before and, it's better than them picking up something in your bloods that could throw a spanner in the works. Have a nice day Lottie Lisa xxxx