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Super new to this

Hi I just got diagnosed February 3rd. I’ve seen a neurologist since then, and he said that in my papers, everything looked benign and so he didn’t want me to start meds. By the time I saw him I was exhibiting almost no symptoms, as I had started on psoumedrol (or however it’s spelled) as soon as I went to the hospital and got diagnosed. I think it was 3 weeks ago when I saw him. Anyway he said he was going to ask the hospital for my MRI and spinal tap results to confirm it being benign, and that he would call me back. So last Friday (over a week ago) I start feeling like my legs just going numb here and there. So I call on Monday to try to make an appt with said neurologist, and they tell me that they actually made a referral to me to get a second opinion. So fine, but it’s at UCLA and apparently it’s going to take forever to see them because my case will get reviewed by 80 doctors throughout 7-10 business days and THEN I can make an appt. so in the meantime I have a couple questions maybe some of you can answer: 1- I looked up a lot of stuff to see if I should go to the hospital rn, and it seems I should only go If the symptoms are really bad right? I haven’t fallen or anything my legs just kindof giving out every 10minutes or so. 2- is this probably part of the same episode?? I hadn’t been totally symptom free for 30 days since the last/first one. But it’s a different symptom entirely... or is it possible this is just a new way of life for me, with my leg just giving out all the time? I guess those are most of my questions for now. I truly appreciate any feedback or insight. Thank you.