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Kesempita out the fridge for 15 minutes

Hello - I'd love a bit of advice from anyone else taking Kesempita. I’ve been getting my kesempita delivered in 1 monthly boxes and I always store it in the fridge in all its original packaging. I took my injection this evening, and left the medication out for 15 minutes first as advised, but when I opened the packet there was three months worth of injections inside. Obviously, I just used today's injection, but I'm worried about the other two doses being out of the fridge. Has anyone got any idea how long they can be out the fridge for and go back in?

I'm on Kesimpta. I get 3 delivered at a time. As long as you put them straight in the fridge as you get them, take the one out that your going to use, you should be fine. I think you can leave them out for seven days but it's not recommended. If you leave them out you can't use them. That's why they say put them in the fridge as soon as they are delivered. I leave mine in the fridge until I'm ready to take them out in the morning and do my injection in the afternoon


Hi, thanks. That's great advice for future, but I did leave 2 injections out the fridge for 15 minutes and I'm wondering if those will still be safe to use for my next 2 jabs?