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Hi everybody! I’ve had my first relaps in February 2022 and got diagnosed in April and started taking Rebif in May. I’ve had flu-like symptoms the first couple of months, but not anymore. I do my blood analysis regularly and everything is great. But I just find it too difficult to get the injections. I can’t do it myself, I’m too afraid of it. And even though someone else is doing it, I still get terrified when I remember what day it is and that I need to get my medication that day. And I have to take it 3 times a week. I never know how painful it is going to be and it leaves me red patches and bruises. How is your experience with Rebif? I am seriously thinking about changing it, because it’s starting to get unbearable for me. I know it has very little side effects, which is why I liked it in the first place. I wouldn’t want to switch to a medication that has some horrible side effects and contraindications. What do you guys think?

Hello! I was on Rebiff at the start of my diagnosis and I felt the exact same way you do currently! I had to end up changing treatments s it was too much for me to do due to being 13 years of age but also because it wasn't doing any favours for my health... I kept having relapses, so now I'm on Tysabri, have been on for 2 and a half years and haven't had a relapse since... maybe consider talking to your doctor about changing?


@laurenfster thank you for your answer❤️ it really helps knowing i’m not the only one. I actually think it’s good for my health, so it really upsets me that the only problem I have with it is that I am afraid of it…(and the bruises) but I guess it’s just not for everyone. I have an MRI in March, so I thought I should wait to see my results and then talk to my doctor and hopefully be able to switch to something else…