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Having a third dose of Lemtrada

I had my second dose of Lemtrada last June. My neurologist has explained that a 3rd dose of Lemtrada is available, only if the first 2 doses haven't fully dampened the MS or there is new activity. I think I'm experiencing a new relapse. The only silver lining is that it's a relatively small relapse. I was just wondering what are the NICE guidelines for me to be eligible for a third course of Lemtrada. I can imagine my neurologist telling me that I can't have a third course due to x,u or z reason. Hence I need to know how i go about demanding a 3rd course. Has anyone had a third course? Or has anyone even gone from Lemtrada to another treatment? What is the eligibility criteria for Ocrevus? Thanks

Ocrevus once fully licensed here should be the same as Lemtrada / Tysabri / Tecfidera. The instant of heart problems with Ocrevus have put it right at the back of my 'shit I'll try next list'. My order of preference for future (if at all needed) is as follows Lemtrada Cladrabine (off book injectable type NOT Mavenclad) HSCT (done in Mexico because the food is better than Moscow, it's warmer, Russians don't like us much right now and risk of septicaemia is 7% over there compared to nearly 70% here in the UK on the NHS) Anything that comes along in the interim Ocrevus


Hi tracy. I remember speaking to you prior to beginning my first course of Lemtrada - I Hope you're well. Did you need a third course of Lemtrada? Do you know what the guidelines are to be eligible for a third course? Thanks