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Hello! I’m Kelly (going on year 7 with MS)

Hello. I just joined and I’m excited as I’ve never talked to anyone else that has MS (I have an estranged aunt that has it but we don’t speak). I’m a 27 year old interior designer and set designer for film and television productions from Colorado, which has an unusually high number of people diagnosed with MS. I have had depression, anxiety and derealization since I was a kid, and I truly believe that mental health plays a big role in causing MS. Would love to make some friends on here and talk about some of these topics and see what other people have experienced living with MS! I’d also love to connect with some people my age (I was diagnosed in my early twenties) to see how others in our age range deal with MS.

Hey, hello and welcome to the shift 👋 I have had ms since I was 21 but wasn’t diagnosed until 2weeks before I hit 35 wish I could help more but I thought my norm was the norm - knowledge is power & is key take what you know, learn and grow from that. Diet, exercise, mindfulness and a dmt avoid smoking anything and deal with other stuff as & when it crops up take care of yourself kid in whatever ways work for you 👍😊💪🤞🍀✊


YES! I've been struggling with depression etc (I now really believe it actually is adhd or autism tho) all my life, and all my doctors may deny it, but I highly believe that my MS is linked to that. Anyways, I'm Lilith, 25, the only connection I have to MS in real life is my dad's cousin who has it, we don't speak either tho, and I got diagnosed last year, nice to meet you :)