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Work/life/MS balance

Just sounded out my boss' son. I had my days cut from 5 to 3 to 'save the company money'. I was told that this situation would be reviewed at the beginning of March. No-one has approached me about it yet so I took things into my own hands. I suggested to the boss' son that I could do 4 days a week instead of 5 going forward and that I could choose either 8 - 3.30 or 8.30 - 4 depending on how I felt when I got up in the morning. He didn't see a problem with that suggestion. I'm worrying now that I may have shot myself in the foot. My boss is pretty unapproachable.

I get the feeling that your company will have a reason for this that will act as a cover, when what they are actually doing is discriminating. What size company do you work for? if its a bug company it is very likely disrimination and unacceptable. Smaller companies its more complicated. dls.org can help with this. Companies need to be aware that it does not pay to discriminate, the financial implications from damage done by the courts should be a deterrent.


@JamesC83 when they originally cut my days they came back and tried to cut it another day. I stood upto my boss - I asked if it was because of the MS or because I was female (it's a male dominant workforce). I told him that it seemed to me that he thought I was an easy target. That is why I'm worrying now that I have made the decision I don't want to go back up to 5 days he'll be awkward about it.