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Severe leg pain... Fed up

The pain in my legs is out of control and I don't know what to do. I visited my nan yesterday for the first time since September and it has proven too much for me. There wasn't even much walking involved, but my legs were so painful, stiff and difficult to use just going through the train stations. Pregabalin does nothing, duloxetine does nothing, nortriptyline does nothing, baclofen doesn't really help, prescription cannabis and CBD don't seem to help either... Attempting physio keeps making them flare up as well. I'm not sure what's left... I'm at my wits end. I start pain management next month and the course is called "living well with pain" but I'm not sure how I'm supposed to live well when the pain is this severe all the time 🤷

Hi @jacob, I got a lot out of my pain management sessions. My seminar was part of AHS's "Living Well With Chronic Illness" classes. For pain the focus was mostly on how to make pain less impactful while I experienced it. In many ways it's CBT 101, nonetheless it was helpful. I hope you get the same benefits. Best of luck to you!


@NeedMoreSleep I hope so. I'm glad it was helpful for you