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Doing this alone

Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum and I was officially diagnosed with MS 5 weeks ago after 18 months of being told I "might have MS" and gradually going downhill over several years. The thing I'm finding hardest about it all is how alone I am, I have no support network. I don't have a very supportive family and I live hundreds of miles away from all of them for my own sanity. My friendships have also dwindled away over the last few years - I used to party hard and almost all of my socialising was done in that environment, then as I gradually became more unwell I couldn't keep up with it anymore. When I stopped going out people lost interest in being friends with me. Their lifestyle is their priority, and it's as if most of them just can't be bothered to make an effort with someone like me who doesn't fit into it anymore. I feel like I was friends with the wrong kind of people for years anyway, people can be so fake in those sorts of circles and there was always so much falling out, drama and backstabbing anyway. When I see or hear about any of it I honestly feel relieved to be away from it. I started to outgrow it all before I even became unwell to be honest. Right now I just feel so lost and lonely and I can't go on like this forever. It's like I need to rebuild my life with MS but I don't know how, especially when I have really bad social anxiety which is getting worse from being alone for so long.
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