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Lupoid Sclerosis

I recently posted as I am in limboland, waiting to see a neurologist. However, I was also referred to a rheumatologist due to a positive ANA and a mix of symptoms. The rheumatologist I saw was excellent and incredibly thorough. He obviously confirmed that seeing a neurologist is the next step, but he said he felt I could have a condition called Lupoid Sclerosis. However, I can find no information and very little clinical research on this (certainly nothing current. Most of the research us decades old.) I still need to see a neurologist, and have a brain MRI and lumber puncture. But I feel to be forewarned is to be forearmed. I’m interested to know if anyone else has this diagnosis? And if the treatment and prognosis differs to MS?

Hey @hmassy, just catching up on your posts. I hope you're getting to a better place with neuro/ docs.


Hi @hmassy, i have recently seen rheumatologist and have positive ANA and other symptoms. I am waiting for further investigations but have been told it likely lupus. I also have rrms. I hope you have some answers very soon. I'd be interested with your progress report 😀