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MS and mental health

I have always struggled with my mental health, however since my MS diagnosis in December 2021, my mental health has took a serious beating. It sounds silly to say, but I just feel so alone and like nobody understands. I cant talk to family and friends about it because I just feel like a burden and like I am putting too much on them, but also just that no matter how hard they try, they cant understand... because they don't have MS, they cant feel the pain and they cant feel the absolute fear that I am going through. I honestly feel so scared on a daily basis. Im scared of what the day ahead will be like, I'm scared what pain and symptoms I will experience. I often feel like my body is just attacking itself and feels as though my body is shutting down. Im fearful of how quickly my MS will progress or what the future holds for me. I am also a mum to a 3 year old little girl and she is my absolute world, but I honestly break down on a daily because I feel like a failure of a mum because I cant do the things I used to be able too and I have days I cant even get out of bed. I often feel like I'm failing her and she deserves so much better, I'm scared of how bad I am going to get and how she will cope/be looked after. I also often get the thoughts of how am I going to cope and the fact I don't want to live life like this for the rest of my life. Im honestly just so scared of everything, I don't handle the unknown well at all. Did anyone else have these sort of thoughts/feelings? How did you cope? How long did it take for you to accept your MS diagnosis and come to terms with it all?

I rather be independent when it comes to MS because I know non would understand and a personal matter But no barrier with my family if i feel sad or have difficulty i tell them immediately


Why are you not on Treetment. I am RRMS and feel good no bad thoughts. You have a little girl who loves you where is that not the Best thing in the World. No matter what love of that little girl is the only thing you have to think about. Now get some meds. It just keeps you like you were before, apart from very tiny bits not to worry about. But you wont feel like you do. Worrying. I am 3 years RRMS once o fortnight jab no probs. You will see the difference and your little girl will get her Mother back to normal.🙂