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Avonex & Mood

Hi There, Just wondering if any of you Avonex users have experienced mood swings on injection day? I have been noticing less ability to regulate my emotions. A few times I've completely lost it... flipped my lid at kids, spouse, etc. Maybe it's just due to not feeling well because of flu like side effects but I also noticed that depression was listed as a side effect. Look forward to hearing your experiences. Becky

Hi I do my jab at night cold pack the area before I inject and after take some pain killers and go to bed I manage to sleep through the side effects which saves my family the ear ache 🤣. I also find drinking lots and staying well hydrated in the day leading up helps massively. Do you get anxious about doing your jab this could be impacting on your mood too ?


Hi my weekly Avonex jab day was a Friday afternoon so that I could take my pain killer and sleep. Avonex gave me stress and anxiety as I approached that Friday each week. I'm currently on Ocrevus which i better manage