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Shift.ms facelift

Hi all We're always trying to make the experience better for our community to help connect with others who understand. Earlier in the year, we surveyed the community to find out how we could improve Shift.ms, and the latest version of the site is the result of that feedback. Users told us that they were mostly accessing the site on the move, so we’ve designed the site to be a better experience on mobile and tablet. You also told us that you were frustrated with notifications getting lost, so we’ve tried to make it easier to find them and to access messages. You said you’d like to be able to follow the conversations that were important to you, so we’ve added a bookmark functionality and now you can easily return to a bookmarked conversation. We’ve added support buttons to posts so you can easily show support to other members. We learned what you thought were the core actions on the site and put them at the top of the homepage. So now you can view ‘Stories’, access useful information in ‘MS: what now’, find MSers through ‘Connect’, and start a conversation using ‘Say something’. We’ve also refined the overall navigation of the site - you can now get back to the homepage from wherever you are on the site by tapping the Shift.ms logo at the top of every page. All of the site’s content is now accessible through the content menu which is in the top left. We hope you’ll enjoy these changes to the Shift.ms website. Thank you for helping us make it better for everybody. With your help we’ll continue to improve - we couldn’t do this without you. Any q’s? Have a watch of the vid: https://shift.ms/take-a-tour Big ups to the dev team in getting us here! Enjoy exploring. George