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Tysabri how does it make you feel? Had to change due to a new patch

On my 2nd Tysabri infusion and don’t feel too good. Is this normally the case?Feeling super fatigued and not as sharp. Thought I was going to feel as well as I did after the 1st infusion, thought it was great! I am expecting a baby too 👶 and I have come off duloxotine so maybe that’s not helping. The neuropathic pain I have in my hands has gone back into my arms now and with more vigour. Any suggestions on a alternative to help this kind of pain? Ms nurse suggested deep heat to have an alternative to feeling intense tingling. Got gp appt next week and I have heard I should speak to my pregnancy consultant re an alternative to duloxotine for pain and anxiety. Anxiety is a little worse I think but using my cbt techniques- any help appreciated.