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Hey there everyone! I’m PJ and this is my first post being a newbie to the world of MS and this wonderful group. I was diagnosed RRMS only in January, so I’m coming to terms with life ahead. You will all know how that feels.. but I’m positive and focused to live as normal life as I can. I love cycling, so I have signed up to ride my bike from London to Paris in July as part of a team! Wish me luck!

Hi, welcome, sorry to hear you are one of us now 🙈🙈. It so great you stay positive and focused on the good things. Good luck with your trip!!!!


Hi, I started mine just over 6 months ago and I’m due my second but I had to put on hold due to personal reasons. For me it was straight forward stick a hand out for the infusion and sit back and relax. Take food, snacks and water bottle. I was perfectly fine so main thing is not to worry the nurses will be there