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new pain

it's been 2 months since my last relapse, which took motor skills from my right side, i didn't take steroids as i'm still breastfeeding. as the motor skills slowly returned the nerve pain i experienced went through the roof burning itching hyper sensitive to hot and cold. i thought things had plateau'd and was settling but yesterday i suddenly found that if i touched anything it felt like my fingers were being hit by a hammer, or i had things rammed under my nails. even the slightest touch sets this off. after my last appointment my neuro has written to my gp to suggest pain relief but i'm scared i'll become a zombie, which seems worse than the pain. amitriptylene was a really distressing experience for me, i couldn't come round from sleep or urinate even though i was in pain because my bladder was so full. any gabbapentin experience to share? the possibility of not being in pain is very seductive but i know i don't react well to drugs.