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The long wait

Hi guys! I'm new to this ?. I have yet to receive a diagnosis of ms I am waiting on a neurologist appointment (hopefully coming soon) ill give u a brief back story on how I ended up here. For the last 3 yrs I had been consistently going to my GP with pins&needles along with sharp pain in my forehead and left cheek I have constant headache type pain in my forehead which never goes away, with intermittent sharp electric type pain in the same area. After repeated trips to my GP and referrals to ent the consultant said trigeminal neuralgia. But since January this year I have terrible fatigue like walking through mud especially in my legs my left toe is numb with pins & needles in both hands and feet, I have "vibrating" sensations up and down the left side the symptoms to begin with would come and go usually lastinh a couple of weeks but now since last Month they are constant including the following symptoms: Blurred vision coming & going Speech, memory & thinking problems Severe pressure in head Pressure and shooting pain behind eye (left eye) Tightness/tension around body Numbness in the inside of left foot and toes progressive over whole foot up to leg & knee Numbness in left hand progressive up to entire arm with shooting pains Symptoms & pain worse to cold & heat Stabbing & shooting pains in head and left cheek Numbness in hands & fingers Balance problems Dizziness Urinating throughout the night Light sensitivity Muscle cramps/spasms in hands and feet, also in various areas Extreme fatigue Swollen fingers Tinnitus ‌Stiff neck Last week I was sent to hospital as I woke with lots of grey spots in both eyes after seeing the consultant she said my eyes are fine but she asked I be urgently referred to see a neurologist as she suspects ms. Do these symptoms, time line , and progression sound normal in ms ? I'm just really worried and ive been searching for answers for so long as to what's wrong with me and I'm nervous as to what may potentially show up when I see the neurologist Love to you all xx