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Stopping copaxone

I just thought I would post on here, not really sure why but I just need an outlet. I've been on copaxone for about 3 years now and I think I've finally got to that point of where I just don't want to do the injections anymore. Like they're mentally exhausting me and affecting me in a way I don't understand. I dread having to do the injections and I hate the whole situation of them, the idea of them. I get that they're there to help me but I'm feeling depressed by it all. I just want to get on with my days without having to do these injections. It's draining me. I'm not sure if I'm looking for some kind of assurance or what but I just needed to get it off my chest. And I do think I'm going to stop them. I need to for my sanitys sake. I guess I'm just feeling what I felt when I got my diagnosis, the decision making and everything got on top of me then and I think that feeling is creeping back up on me. Thanks for any responses in advance.

I think this all the time. I never wanted have these meds injected into me every other month and drains my spirit. But the thought of going back to constant relapses and damage progres ms used to do before treatment keeps me going back. Sometimes you got to do whats best for u and sometimes whats best for others. In my case it is whats best for others.


I was on copaxone for about 14 years. The injections didn't bother me, but I can understand that it is bothering you. If it is causing you so much stress then that isn't going to be helping you. After 14 years, my body was reacting to it, finally on Christmas 2019 I did my injection and 30 seconds later was passing out on the floor! I now take aubagio, which is a tablet. There are lots of different meds and options available, I think you should speak to your neuro about changing.