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Running with MS

Hi all, despite a slow return of my immune system, I’ve recovered really well from my Lemtrada in June. I started running in mid August with a couch to 5k, and since then I have done two 10k races and am training for a half marathon. It’s not always easy with some of my symptoms, but given that I could barely walk up a flight of stairs 7 or 8 months ago, I feel so so grateful. I would love to chat to anyone here who runs or does something similar to hear about your experiences- good and bad!

Hi fellow runner :-), I am also a runner, since covid-19. I always worked out, and after being diagnosed with MS I was afraid this might not be possible anymore. But luckily, I am still able to be very active. When covid came I missed my gymtime (although I did workout at home) and then I started running next to it. Never thought I would going to love it, but I do. For TheMay50K in 2021 I ran 100K in May, and this year I did my first half marathon to raise money for MS. Last week I did my first trail run. Completely different, but also nice. I feel very grateful I am still able to do this despite my MS, but I also learned that I feel much better when I stay active. For the next May50K I am doubting, a trail run or a marathon :-). Best regards, Jeanette


@Jeanette73 that is bloody amazing! Fair play for keeping it up during covid. I was active as a teen, did a 10k about 7 years ago and then nothing. I had begun eating better during covid and then was only diagnosed in March 2021. MS is crap, but I never would have been motivated to get out and train several times a week if I hadn’t lost the ability to do so and then won it back. Best of luck with your training- sounds like you’ve got an awesome mission 😊