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Glasgow Neurologists

Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is coping ok with this unseasonable weather! I'm newly diagnosed and just wondering if anyone has any advice on the best neurologists in the Glasgow area. I had what must have been my second (possibly third) relapse back in July for which I was hospitalised (severe dizzyness, balance / coordination issues, and double vision). I was in for 10 days and managed to get a whole load of tests (MRI, LP etc) during that time. I then get my MS diagnosis confirmed by a neurologist at QEUH a few weeks later, but nothing else much was said other than I would be referred to the MS clinic. I'm still waiting to hear about an appointment and am getting a bit anxious as I think I'm currently having another relapse (not as severe this time, mainly numbness and tingling from the waist down, pain in hands and feet). So I guess my main question is has anyone had any good experiences with doctors in the Glasgow area and has any good advice / recommendations? TIA Emma

Hi @emcrossan MS clinic will have a neurologist and when the plague passes appointments will be a go again.


Yeah hopefully I get the appt through soon, all I know is they are assessing the referral to see which doctor I should see etc.