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Newly diagnosed

Hey, So I've recently been diagnosed with rrms, after a year of numbness and pins and needles down my left side, optical neuritis in my left a number of times and awful fatique, I finally got my ms diagnosis in January (happy new year to me). I'm due to start treatment soon which is ocervus (not sure I spelt that right) and I have have a lovely ms nurse who has told me all I need to know, but I was just wondering if anyone is on this treatment and how they are finding it? I'm not going to lie, this has knocked me and I almost feel like it's not real and I feel like I wanna to bury my head in the sand, but noticing how my body is etc and being a mummy to two gorgeous boys, I just want to know how people deal with being newly diagnosed. Especially as I was told most last year that it wouldn't be ms and it's likely just me in my head! Love one slightly overwhelmed and worried gal x