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MS Positives?

Now I know for a that people that post on here, it's about what MS has taken from them, how life has changed and not for the better but not many, if any positives about what MS has given them? Okay, I know it's a crappy illness, I get that but for me, it's given me some positives, okay so I had to deal with some really crappy things to get to this point but in hindsight, life is probably better, it's tough but it's better. I found that I'm strong, I have a better relationship with my munchkins as I've stopped sweating about the small stuff, I'd rather safe the energy to do things with them and for myself. I've started a UNI course, I've ticked a couple of places off my bucket list, took the kids on camping trips and road trips, overcome my fear of heights, found myself again, the old me, the outgoing me. Sure I have my bad moments but being able to overcome them makes you strong right?! So here's to a happy, healthy, well as healthy as we're gonna be 2019! May it be filled with love, happiness and new adventures and beginnings! Now over you guys and girlies, tell me something positive and have MS not all be about the doom and gloom :-)!