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Newly diagnosed and worrying

Hi all, I’m new to this site but am excited to be here. Im 28 and was diagnosed with RRMS 2 months ago after over a year of numbness, tingling, fatigue and changes in my sense of hot and cold. Doctors suspected I may have Lyme disease so although they found spinal cord lesions in my first mri my diagnosis was delayed until I moved to chester and a new neurologist reviewed all of my scans and lumber puncture results. He says I have 2 lesions on my spinal cord and one on my brain... I feel relieved to finally have a diagnosis and initially I took it really well. But Iv had a few wobbles since, I’m worrying about my career (I have a really physical job) and my love life (what if nobody wants me!) and I’m only learning to drive now (what if I never succeed!). Has anyone else had to face these internal demons?? Does it get better?? I’m debating wether or not to speak to someone professional...

Hello @caseyjane, welcome! So first of all, almost everyone on this site will recognise these demons. They are all very real and valid fears and, over time, you can face them, challenge them and overcome them. The diagnosis is very recent and you need to take a deep breath and give yourself lots of time to process things. If I may say, you need to focus of recovering your body for now, which has really been through the ringer. Getting as healthy and balanced as possible will really help with your journey. Your worries are the things that most 28 year olds worry about, but yours certainly have an extra layer. It’s great that you have a solid neuro now. You’ve been through such trauma, be gentle with yourself. I promise you, the best thing at the moment will be to take one day at a time. The future is going to unfold regardless, and when you are stronger and healthier, you will start to see a clearer way forward, driving lessons, falling in love, all those things. Keep posting your questions, and try to avoid googling. Eat healthily and avoid stressful situations at all cost. Stay well and strong x


@caseyjane - let me give you a big hug . I know just how you feel. I was diagnosed in July last year and even though it was harder at the beginning I have wobbles because the future is uncertain. I am a great advocate in talking therapies, it’s hard news to take so I would speak to someone who you connect with. It’s nice to have support but also the support of someone whose neutral too . Someone will want you definitely , you will also learn to drive . There’s no limits , it’s learning to pace yourself and rest when you need too and you will learn that in time . I know you will . When I posted here last July posters told me it’s a good time to have ms because of the advancements in treatments , diet, lifestyle and I love the idea of stem cell therapy . There’s many advancements and research . There’s lots of changes happening in the ms world and even though it doesn’t feel good to have ms theirs much hope now than years ago. You will be okay . I tell myself that . If you have wobbles so do I but you will be okay. Having wobbles in my eyes it couldn’t be any different as it’s challenging but you will get by. Ms shift is a great place and I am very thankful for it , I have met some lovely people on here so far . I am more than happy to help in any way I can Hugs Rachael xx💕