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Best London hospitals for MS neurology?

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I haven't been diagnosed with MS, but I've recently developed "l'hermittes sign", numbness/weakness on in my left hand and leg, heavy legs, and balance problems. It's starting to get better now, but a very similar 'episode' happened to me almost exactly a year ago, so my GP is referring me to neurology. I don't want to jump the gun and assume I have MS because it's still very early days yet and I know a lot of people come to online forums worried they have MS! I'm keeping an open mind and staying calm. However, one of my relatives has MS so I want to be proactive about this and face the possibility head on, "just in case". Could you give me any tips on choosing my neurology hospital appointment? On the e-referral website I have a choice of a few London hospitals but I've never been to any of them and frankly I'm not sure if they're all much of a muchness, or whether there are big differences between them in terms of quality of doctors and care? There are two hospitals that stand out to me - St Thomas's and St Mary's. Has anyone here been to either of these hospitals? Would you recommend either? I know that MS can be a tricky condition to diagnose and treat so I wondered if anyone here knows whether either hospital is good for investigating MS and (potentially) treating it? I've tried looking on NHS choices but I thought you all would have a lot of "life experience" in these matters! Sorry to be a fuss as this is all new to me. However I would be grateful for any advice you can offer.

Firstly welcome @cartesian! I do hope that you do not receive the unwelcome diagnosis, but understand your desire to be prepared. In my opinion, Barts without a doubt as Dr G is innovative and extremely knowledgable. Having said that, there is a lot to be said for proximity to your home, unless you are lucky to rarely be required to be seen. I do not overly rate my Neuro personally at Charing Cross but it is the leading prescribing hospital in London, ( I believe one of 3 in Europe, although this may have changed) extremely close to my home, and my Neuro and I have a mutual understanding so he humours and indulges my requests and suggestions re tests, referrals and even when I advised him the chosen treatment I required, which he did not advise. Much does depend upon whether you can build up a rapport with him or the MS nurses, as life is significantly easier. Maybe have a glance at the Barts blog if distance is not an issue for you, as it was for myself. It is also smaller so requires ypu to b an out patient if opting for lemtrada (which I had wished), but the logistics thereof made it untenable. Good luck with all!


Yes welcome @cartesian... I too have done the research of London based stuff. I am prepared to travel to get the most up to date information which I have not had where I live . I would agree with @monica2015. That is currently where I am heading. Read the blog it is very informative. I have some other names in London via members if you want to pm me.