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When someone asks me about MS, if they know anything, it's usually that it affects a person's ability to walk. If only it was that simple....We (MSers) have a little of almost every disease to deal with. Think about it - the brain controls everything the body does. MS causes brain damage and causes nerve pathways to misfire. Like people with rheumatoid arthritis, we have joint pain and inflammation. Like diabetics, we have neuropathy in our feet. Unfortunately, we usually have that same nerve damage throughout our body. We can also lose our vision. Like a person with lupus, we can have heart issues. Like a person with ADHD, we have trouble focusing. Like a person with cancer, our body is killing itself. We rely on toxic medication that compromises our immune system, we can have radiation, and our quality of life is not great. Like a person whose had a stroke, we can lose our ability to speak, have one-sided body weakness, lose the use of our limbs, etc. Like a person with Alzheimer's, we have problems with our memory. It may be short term or may last forever. Like a person with Parkinson's, we have body tremors. And what MS doesn't do, it makes us more vulnerable to comorbidities. We deal with everything listed above...widespread pain, chronic fatigue, trouble breathing, depression, anxiety, muscle spasms, trouble eating and digesting food, bladder and bowel problems, on and on. On top of this we have to deal with most of our symptoms being invisible. Not only are we judged by strangers, co-workers, friends, and family, but also the medical profession that has taken an oath to help those suffering.....so don't ever call us weak. We're the same person as we always have been - just a little different. Ask - care - help without judgment. Shared in support of all MS brothers and sisters ♡

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