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Pseudo or real relapse?

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with rrms February last year, at which point I had had two known relapses. Since beginning avonex I've had one more evident relapse. Christmas eve I caught a cold and since then I've had no feeling in both of my feet. Now the cold has cleared up and the feeling in my feet shows no sign of returning. I was just wondering whether anyone knows if a pseudo relapse can turn into a real one once the infection has cleared? I'm hoping not as if this is a true relapse then I will have to look into changing my treatment which I'm reluctant to do as it's taken me so long to get to a certain tolerance to the avonex. Thanks guys, hope you're all feeling well.

@brickbybooks , a cold on Christmas Eve, that is bad news for you. And then you had to get through all the Christmas festivities, which would have had a lot of your input. Now, things have returned to some semblance of normality, so might you. But, it may be worthwhile to contact your MS Nurse and discuss it with them and get their view.


@brickbybooks hope you are feeling better. If you have had a relapse on Avonex then it’s not working - my sympathies about getting used to it - I hated it and never really got over the horrendous blahs after injection night. After it proved to be fairly useless I was given eventuallly something that works (or has done for the past 2 plus years) A high temperature particularly can trigger a relapse especially with stress I found to my cost. You might get lucky with adjusting to a new regime of drugs - I was fine on both DmF and fingolimod. I think Avonex was so crappy that it made a bit of going red in the face with dmf a breeze :) All the best