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Hi everyone, i was diagnosed with rrms in 2018 but since then I have about 80% recovered from that episode and apart from ofd niggles, things have been good. The last few days I have horrendous burning sensation/tingles down my left arm and hand. (These were similar to my initial symptoms) also, if i do anything that engages the muscle, like strimming the garden, my muscle quivers for hours after. It looks like my arm/hand is violently shivering and i just have no strength. I have a review in 6 weeks time and I hate to be a mither so dont know if i should leave things until then or should I be bringing it up sooner? Am i doing more damage if i leave it? Does it sound like a true relapse or just a grumbling of old symptoms? I still feel quite new to this. Thanks in advance for any advise

Hey, It sounds like the gardening it flaring your old symptoms but it won’t hurt to mention it to your MS nurse or doctor to see if they’ll see you sooner. This Happens to me in my legs when I have just walked too much or exercised. All the best


I know it seems like you're burdening your nurse or doctor if you call in about small things, but from my own experience - please do call in. The nurses and doctors are there to help you and if you think something is wrong, you need to let them know.