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PIP review anxiety

Anyone else get a dreaded brown envelope arrive on the doormat and think 'great another fight to face!' I think the endless reviews of Personal Independence Payment for those of us with MS is absolutely disgusting! I mean did I miss something? Or is there suddenly a cure for Multiple Sclerosis that I'm unaware of? Is it not a degenerative neurological condition anymore? Degenerative kind of gives the game away. If anything in the last two years my condition has declined. Now on Propranolol to help with tremors and cannot got for a number two without using laxatives the list goes on. We all wake up every day not knowing which part of our bodies will be affected next. We battle every day with a multitude and variety of symptoms. Symptoms which guess what!? Are affected by stress and yes, Mr DWP your twenty page long form is extra stress! That I have to have back in twenty days with hands that shake like I haven't had a drink in years! I wouldn't mind but I actually work and have been in my job for eleven years. I've had to change my role and reduce my hours but I still try. Why don't they go and pick on those who can work but simply won't work and play the system. I am hoping and (literally) praying that everything will be OK but the anxiety is immense. Last time I was lucky and had an assessment with a physiotherapist that had a little understanding of MS but with ATOS in control you never know what your going to get! They literally don't give A TOSS. The stories I hear are horrendous and I just hope I have someone up there on my side. The help we all get is invaluable especially when we have to travel vast distances for our treatment. My ticket to the Royal Free alone is thirty five quid. Does anyone have any useful advice or any organisations that can help if issues arise. So wish there was a way to compaign for this endless cycle of reassessments for all of those with long term degenerative illnesses. At least they can't take my wages from me I guess! I'd have to c**k that up myself ;-)

@ashia2013 , I share your concern with this witch hunt by the DWP. In fact, I took my local MP to task. The details of this are recorded here :- https://shift.ms/forums/topic/dlapip-reassessment-for-uk-readers The Benefits & Work website, https://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/ , contains useful guides about the re-assessment process. Registration my be required at a negligible cost. We all know about stress and anxiety and what that can do to us, so you need to play this "game" carefully, so that you can manage the stress of this. Take care.


hi, yeah they are unbielevable , i had 18 months and to go through tribunal to win finally, i to still worked and it seems ATOS are ATALOSS to understand that with the right employer and right role you can still work and yet be badly affected by M.S. . it seems as soon as you mention work they try to knock youu down ! good luck andhope all goes well for you, my only advice is get as many letters of support as you can ,from G.P. consultant, M.S. nuurse etc dont do as i did think they will see how bad you are, they dont ! they think you are faking it !!