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DLA/PIP Reassessment. (for UK readers)

My MP had a letter of concern about the forthcoming reassessments. here is his reply :-
And, here is my further question to him on the issue:-

“I read with interest your response to the constituent, who was concerned about the PIP/DLA re-assessment for people with MS.

Primarily, I agree that all disability benefits need to be reassessed, as there does seem to be some questionable situations. An across-the-board reassessment is the only equitable way forward.

But, as an MS sufferer myself, I have heard horror stories of ESA re-assessments, where a 12 month decision on MS sufferers has been made.

Now, MS is incurable and, with the present budgetary deficit, will stay that way for some considerable time. So, if ATOS believe MS will improve, or be cured in 12 months, what hope do we have for a reasonable re-assessment for PIP awards?

It’s good to hear that assessors “will be required to have a broad training in disability analysis as well as access to information on specific impairments and conditions”. I would suggest that this an absolute minimum requirement and appears to have been lacking in some ESA re-assessments. Having the right people in the right places in private contracts is always a challenge. Look at G4S and the Olympics!

You should be aware that stress is a major contributory factor in the progression of MS. This impending DLA/PIP situation, following on from the ESA re-assessments, is already negatively affecting MS sufferers, making their lives even more challenging.

I’d really like some categoric assurances that myself and my fellow MS sufferers will be dealt with professionally, courteously and compassionately. We have enough on our plates already!”

I can’t wait for the response!

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I got my reply from my MP in the mail yesterday and it’s pretty much identical to what his reply was ! My Mid Beds is blue through and through (conservative i mean).
I’ll be amazed if you get a specific reply to your challenges on Multiple Sclerosis . I couldn’t pin my MP down that specifically !
Good luck anyway!

It’s funny how they want to pin us down but refuse to be pinned down themselves. ๐Ÿ™

I’m not proud, I’ll invite the bugger round for a cup of tea! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Same with renal (kidney) despite the initial statement stating ‘individuals and organisations’ have been consulted in the welfare reform bill my MP has been unable to mention any, because there’s been no consultation..
I may have to reply to the 5th letter of reply I got, to ask the question again! lol
One in 10 folks affected with renal failure in the UK, 1 in 5 in the US.. Its all rather pathetic.

You go @stumbler! Very succintly put! I do keeping repeating the words..”incurable, progressive, not-getting-better-anytime-soon” to anyone In Power!!

This is all very heartening to me as I have Tribunal on 11th – I expect to come out much as I went in, but it’ll be interesting to hear what they say and I’ll report it all back here.
One thing that I’m not clear about though is, are the Tribunal people the same people as the ATOS people? I mean, will they see things differently?

My issues with my MP are still ongoing.
I’ve even sent him the description of symptoms as described here:- https://shift.ms/p/topic/describing-your-ms-symptoms/.
Not a lot happened until I chased him again and got this response :-

Well, not a lot happened next, so I chased for a response. This is what I received :-

“Thank you for your email and I am sorry for the delay in responding. I was well aware that you were posting my responses on a blog. However, I am happy to forward your email onto the department to address your further queries?”

And my response :-

“Thanks for your response and I would like my e-mail forwarded to get a formal response to the further queries raised.

Yes, I have quite a few interested fellow sufferers that have an active interest in our ongoing correspondence. However, this is not just some weblog! It is a self-help forum for MS sufferers, which allows MS sufferers to support other MS sufferers, with advice, understanding and emotional support. It fulfils a much appreciated function, which supplements the services offered by our over-stretched NHS.

When the MS community is threatened, and we still see it as a threat, with a reassessment of our conditions against the background of austerity measures, then we will group together for support. We have no wish to see our difficult personal situations further deteriorated through the stress caused by a political strategy, with an unclear agenda.

This is not a case of numbers. MS sufferers are people living a restricted life, with an incurable, progressive condition. We make do and try to manage our condition as best we can. We will tolerate a fair assessment by knowledgeable assessors, who understand the everyday problems we face. So, weโ€™re just trying to fully understand the โ€œterms of engagementโ€, so that we can manage this unwelcome, but necessary inconvenience without our health taking a further detrimental and irreversible relapse. ”

So, another wait………

Go Stumbler! Go Stumbler! Go Stumbler!

Eloquently put.xx

Interesting topic.

Yes our gov seem to have a knack of completely changing things across the board at the most inappropriate times.
The extra worry this brings to people on sickness bens, whether it’s ms or mental health etc, does make for a very frustrating life sometimes and it’s unerstandable people are getting tired of it.

Hope the letters you guys did will have some positive effect on the way things like disabled benefits are handled in this country.

The bedroom tax thing too is a complete joke.
For someone who has kids who live away but come visit now and then and need a place to sleep, they NEED to have that spare room really. Also disabled people with carers may NEED to have that extra room. It’s just so very bad that our gov doesn’t seem to take things into consideration when they come up with these ridiculous ideas.

@jman your link re the atos nurse, very revealing read but didn’t surprise me, she was just confirming what a lot of people already knew. Still an amazing (albeit shocking) story, thanks for sharing it.

Oh and @stumbler, can’t seem to view the link you posted re the reply. have they moved it possibly.

Belated happy birthday too ๐Ÿ™‚

@f3ng5hu1 , the link to “Describing your MS Symptoms” seems to work for me. You could always try searching for it, using the search.
And, thanks for the birthday wishes. ๐Ÿ™‚

@ Stumbler I like it, I like it ๐Ÿ™‚

@ jman I’ve put your Atos nurse link on facebook, if you don’t mind, as I’m sure you won’t – any bad publicity is good publicity in my mind.

@f3ng5hu1 ,well you can imagine what it said – Constituent with MS voices concern over DLA/PIP assessment gets reassured with a subjective response!! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

lol yeh and I wonder if they took it off cos they thought maybe it bad for there vote rating? (j/k ish) ๐Ÿ˜›

I have received a letter from Esther McVey MP,
Parliamentary Under Secretary of State and Minister for Disabled People at the DWP giving certain reassurances.
It’s a bit long to put in a post, but if anyone wants a copy, I’ll happily e-mail one to you.
PM me or just post a short response on this topic.

I would love to read that @stumbler.

I’ve e-mailed it to you, @krissie2012.

can i have a copy m8 please ๐Ÿ™‚

i would love to read it. also it might be useful to look at info on the jac website as they have been advertising for tribunal panel members and have an edited version of the benchbook for reference. if anyone finds themselves going through a tribunal appeal.

@xander, @funnybank , e-mails sent. ๐Ÿ™‚

@stumbler . Can I have a copy too please ?

Copy e-mailed, @daveydingle.

@stumbler And me please?

@oskar, e-mail sent.

Thanks @stumbler

@stumbler – can I have a copy of this please? Just received the ‘dreaded brown envelope’ to start proceedings for a move to PIP and I want to get all my ducks in a line and do things properly.


@petlamb , email sent. ๐Ÿ˜‰

@stumbler – THANK YOU!! ๐Ÿ˜

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