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Hello everyone.

I am just happy to be here. I was diagnosed back in 2012 but my doctor believed that I had it most of my life. I am only treating the MS with vitamins and supplements. I used to be on Ocrevus for a few years. My health is doing well. I only struggle with pain and fatigue but they are being treated with medication at this time. My goal is to get off of the medication when it is time. Everyone just learn to live with MS. It is not your identity. No matter where MS may have you, appreciate life because you are still here. You are not disable. You are just differently able. Don't focus on what you can't do. Do what you can and what you can't just leave alone until you can find a better way for you. Don't be so hard on yourself. Don't try to be who you use to be. Learn to embrace your new self and work in the perimeter of where you are now. Life will be much better to deal within yourself. You have nothing to prove. If family and friends doesn't understand, that's on them. You can't make them understand. And if they walk out your life, good riddens. It's just making room for the showering of New people to be in your life. Haven't you heard of spring cleaning. It's just MS cleaning.Just live your best life from where you are now. Take care of yourself.

Hi Hope yr well How come you came off Occrevus?


I needed this reminder., thank you for your post ✌