To be DMT, or not to be DMT…update

After reading all your comments and after much deliberation, I opted for, and started my first loading dose of Kesimpta on this week. I should also state that I still had reservations up until the moment the lovely MS Nurse attended my home. Took paracetamol, turmeric tablet (instead of ibuprofen), raw honey fermented garlic and organic mushroom tincture, about 1 hour beforehand. Took first dose at approximately 4pm, and experienced a slight injection site reaction, but nothing to speak off. Felt fine for the remainder of the day, and headed off to bed around 10pm, thinking, ‘Hey! I may have foregone any Week 0 side effects. I’ll get a reasonably good night’s sleep.’ But, oh no! How strongly deluded was I in my thinking! By 10.45pm, I had vigorous rigours (shivering) and the most excruciating leg pains, which can best be described as bone pain (might be a thing, as B-cells originate in the bone marrow, says Aaron Boster), accentuated spasms in both legs and arms, urinary frequency and nausea. Did not sleep a wink the entire night, and felt very stiff, achey and fatigued following day. Doing much better today and feel much brighter and more energetic. Dreading Week 1 dose, next week, and hope it’ll be much better than the first. I couldn’t bear another night like the one outlined, and intend to take the next dose as late in the evening as possible. No way could I have slept through that ordeal, in any event!