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Diagnosis by Post - your stories (UK)

Hi all, I need to get some more stories as part of a campaign I'm involved with to stop UK patients being diagnosed by post. Often this means a letter is sent by the hospital to the GP and the patient is copied in. There have been a few posts on here about this recently. Sometimes, patients don't receive a letter at all, and only find they are diagnosed when they go to their GP for another reason. I also read on here of someone finding out they had new lesions because they were copied into a GP letter. The point is, medical ethics state that patients must be supported when they receive a diagnosis, or personal information about their medical information. Even a phone call from the hospital would be better than finding out in a third-person letter. So, if you have had experience in the last 5 years of receiving a diagnosis, or testing results by anything other than in person (neuro or MS nurse) or phone call, please could you let me know? It would also be great if you could let me know if you have access to an MS nurse in your Local Health Authority. Thanks so much everyone, much appreciated :-)

Yes I was told by letter I had MS in December 2019!


Hi @Tracey1982, was the letter addressed to you or your GP? How did this affect you, opening the letter?