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Ocrevus - first half dose

Hi, wondering if anyone could share their experience of their first experience with Ocrevus. I had my first half dose of 300ml on Monday, very straightforward, itchy throat after about an hour of starting the infusion but that was dealt with and all finished in 4 hours, Since the infusion I have felt very tired and my dizziness, which is my main MS symptom, has been very evident, not just periodically through the day but pretty much constant. Do people on the forum who’ve had Ocrevus, have any experience of their MS symptoms heightening for a time after infusion? In my head, I’ll experience a bad version of my prevalent symptoms as long as I’m feeling this tired from the infusion? Prior to the infusion, tiredness heavily impacted how dizzy I was. So I guess I’m asking how long I’ll feel this fatigued after infusion. The other half dose is 15th July so kind of writing off July but hopeful for August that I’ll go back to my normal dizzy and tired! Thanks Vicky 🤪

The half doses hit me hardest, subsequent infusions got easier. Just as the exhaustion went it was time for second half. Then I was exhausted for another 2-3weeks. 6 plus full doses later and I'm good after 3 or 4 days. Best wishes


I've never had any problems with ocrevus so apart from feeling a bit tired the next couple of days I get back to normal after that 😊