Should I request further MRI scans?

After a period of burning pain which turned into abdominal numbness in November last year, spreading as far up as my collarbone, I saw a private neuro 15th Jan. Brain and C-spine scans 29th Jan which both came back clear, no evidence of inflammation or demyelination. Neuro said hopefully symptoms will spontaneously resolve and no follow up appointment required. Diagnosis mild sensory transverse myelitis. Numbness is still there and has in recent weeks been joined by tingling and numbness in my coccyx area and across the top of my bum. I sometimes feel like my down below area (sorry!) is numb too. Legs tingle but work fine as do bladder and bowel! Should I be asking for further MRI scans of thoracic and lumbar spine? Neuro didn’t rule out an area of inflammation as the cause of my original numbness but obviously this didn’t show up on either scan in January. He did say risk of MS is low if brain and C-spine scans clear. Am I just being impatient and do these sensory type symptoms take longer to resolve? Also is it common for them to spread? Really starting to grind me down after 3 months 😕