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Mobility advice

Hi Hope you are all as well as you can be… Awaiting a start date for Ocrevous atm I keep reading how exercise will help my mobility but I feel like it’s a vicious circle as I don’t have the energy or mobility to much more than half an hour walk and for example I did the school run with a push chair yesterday (I would have done this twice a day zipping up and down a mile each way no bother) and I could barely walk when I got home had to get my two teens to lift the buggy in and felt like my legs had no strength to even move me a step more My sleep is disturbed as I have two under 2 and a half and I know rest and exercise is so important but at the moment I can only do what I can do.. 😞 any suggestions maybe swimming as it’s almost weightless ? Pissed off how this has crept up on me as a busy mom and to do the school run takes every ounce of energy - my kids are so young they need me to be mobile

In the past I have tried easy going exercise in a warm water therapy pool. It’s not as vigorous as swimming, but you use resistant water equipment/ barbells to basically do arm curls and exercises. Then simple repetitive leg lifts in the water and stretching. After about 20 minutes, I’m ready to get out and really feel the workout, without totally blowing my energy. Like you, I truly feel that I can only walk around for about 30 minutes before I know it is time to STOP. It is like every day I have to purposefully apportion my activities so that I don’t overload. I find I have to nap 2 hours every afternoon. Not sure if that is a possibility for you. You might like at-home yoga (gentle). Netflix has a number of NIKE yoga classes of differing lengths that are pretty good. Don’t underestimate the effort required for the school run. That takes a lot out of you, I’m sure. The only other thing I can offer is encouraging you to learn to say NO to some activities. There for a while, I was trying to still attend and do everything as before. Then I learned it is ok, and sometimes necessary, to politely say NO to overbooking yourself—-especially on your weekends!


Pushing a push chair and running after young children is exercise. When your kids are older, and you become more sedate. Online keep fit, might be a good option 🤷‍♀️. Definitely don’t beat yourself up, or feel guilty. Hope you can find something that works for you. All the best.